Cliff jumping and Trek Panagal fort

Hyderabad,    1 Day,    04 Feb 18, 05:02 AM
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The famous Pangal fort : 
Panagal Fort is one of the Famous Hill Forts in Andhra Pradesh. It was built by Kalyani Chalukya Kings during 11th and 12th Centuries A.D. It is located about 30 Kms away from Wanaparthy towards Kollapur. The fort is spread in hundreds of acres with Seven Gateways / Entrances. The Main entrance is called as Mundlagavini and is a Special attraction of this fort. It was built with huge granite rocks. We can find small ponds, bushes, Uyyala Mandapam, etc., with beautiful architecture in side of the fort. Many deadly wars took place among the dynasties like Bahamani, Vijayanagara, Padmanayaka and Qutub Shahis etc at this fort. The Very famous stories like Balanagamma, Mayalapakir of stage and cinema are having connection with this place. 


Rough Itinerary : 
5:45 am : Meet at Gachibowli outer ring road Entrance, Start the ride to Panagal Fort, Breakfast Enroute. 
10:00 am : Reach Panagal fort, Start the exploration: Hiking, scrambling. Cliff jumping 
2: 00 pm : Lunch around Panagal fort. 
3: 00 pm : Start back to Hyderabad. Dinner Enroute  
6: 00 pm :  Back to the city.

Cliff diving is a simple and the most ‘raw’ extreme sport. It can be really effortless and done spontaneously. Can be so intense that it’s often believed to be just a level below ‘Base Jumping’. Cliff diving is freedom and fearlessness packed in a 15sec free-fall. 


Other useful info

Transport by bus up & dwon 300km, meals, Hiking, scrambling. Cliff jumping and food  Life jacket




Guidelines and Advisory



 Spare clothing and towel if you want to get into water 
Snacks for making more friend

 1,200 1,100 per person

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