Lakeside Camping with Live Music and Rappelling , track

Hyderabad,    2 Days and 1 Night,    24 Feb 18, 02:02 AM
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• What we'll do
Just want to do Nothing on a lazy weekend? Introducing Camping+Adventre+Live Music experience


Arrive after 4 pm
Watch the sunset having some Tea
Wander a bit and start the lakeside party
You may want to learn pitching the tents and making fire! Or we can do it for you
Start of the BBQ and live music.
Eat, listen to music and  
By 11. go to sleep or go for a Night trek
Wake up, freshen up, have breakfast and Rappelling , track
and leave!

Lakeside Camping

Other useful info

Food- BBQ dinner and Breakfast with Tea- Engage in Outdoor self-cooking
Rappelling morning track
Live Music
Moonlight on a Lakeside- Addon

Transport Hyd to Hyd

This is not a luxury trip. Its a remote location and resources are limited.

Guidelines and Advisory


1- What to bring

2-  Mosquito repellants
3- Backpack
4- Toileteries
5- Sleeping bag/ 2 bedsheets
 6- good shoes for a trek
 7 -An extra pair of slippers and clothes

 2,100 2,500 per person

In case of default selections, those are included in deal.

Total Price




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